My hot dentist is hotter than your hot dentist

Vankleek Hill dentist

First, this photograph is awesome… and it’s a self-portrait, so not only did I create the awesome, I am the awesome. Awesome.

Second, the headline does not do justice for how much more insanely hot my dentist is than your hot dentist.

Third, she was in the process of pulling a giant tooth out of my face when I took this photo… which was a self-portrait.

Fourth, I took this photo — a self portrait with a hot dentist pulling a massive tooth out of my face — using a camera with no image stabilization feature.

Fifth, let me know where to pick up the award for best self-portrait incorporating a ridiculously hot dentist *pulling a tooth from my face*.

Last, I do have an appearance fee, and there should be no green M&M’s within five miles of the hotel.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

3 thoughts on “My hot dentist is hotter than your hot dentist

  1. I believe the phrase I am looking for is “You’re insane”, followed by “Good job!”
    Somewhere in there, there is also appreciation for Novocaine(/Buvipicain/Liodcaine which ever they used on you) to allow you the steadiness of hand to take this shot.


    • Finally, someone understands my psychosis genius. My dentists run what’s called a “no pain clinic”. Literally translated from French to Anglais, their motto is “The Soft Is Our Priority”. Basically they juice you up like it was 2-4-1 Oxycontin night at the Bull Horn Saloon.

      When I was a kid there must have been a global shortage of pain medication because, back then, I was all “OW! Motherfucker, I know you didn’t just do that!”, whereas now I have to concentrate on my camera settings just so I don’t fall to sleep.

      From 2007 to 2008, for a variety of reasons, this team of mega-hot dentists tore three fist-sized teeth out of my giant head. I have a photo of one tooth that has blood dripping from it, I have this one, and I have a video of the third from start to finish.

      Thanks for taking the time.


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