My 100th post is dedicated to all the people who have Liked me so far

Lillith Fair never came to Vankleek Hill

Yay you!

This photo has nothing to do with Vankleek Hill. I’m as disappointed as everyone else. I took this shot at the 1998 Lilith Fair concert extravaganza in Ottawa. I managed to convince Nettwerk Music, Sarah McLachlan’s label, that my little magazine was worth two all access passes.

Technically the friend I brought was acting as the photographer, so he had the big lens. Once all of us shooters were in the photo pit they laid out the limitations. Like we could only stay for one song, and no flashing Sarah. So, stuck with only my wee lens, and with my friend shooting Sarah, I decided to flash the crowd.

Which was made up of 15,000 young women who, when Sarah came out, all screamed at once. It was like getting punched with a truck.

So… this is my 100th post, and almost the first anniversary of this blog. I thought the least I could do would be to thank everyone who came by and Liked me…

the big thumb of likeThanks! Each of these links will take you to a fantastic photo blog…

elmediat [link: here] Liked me two times… thanks, and thanks for helping the kids in Northern Ontario. Emad [link: here] was awesome enough to Like me three times, thanks Emad, and thanks for the comments. the wuc [link: here], still working for The Man down under, thanks for Liking me three times. imonthebandwagon [link: here], he’s with the band, liked me five times. Thanks dude. The only other person to Like me so much was thebigbookofdating [link: here], thank you very much, and I’m looking forward to reading the book as you write it.

Polly Hoyt Nance [link: here] was kind enough to Like three of my posts, only two more and she gets a free coffee. Nature and travel photographer, Philip Vergeylen [link: here], Liked one of my posts, thanks Philip. Aaron Leaman [link: here], a fantastic artist, also Liked me once, thank you Aaron. And thank you, Michelle Alzola [link: here], for Liking me.

Lesley Carter [link: here], who Liked me twice, has almost 2,700 followers… which, I think, qualifies her for tax exemption status. RCbunny [link: here] was also kind enough to Like me, as was xandreverkes [link: here], who has a fantastic blog. idiotphotographer [link: here] liked me once, but we’ve also had lots of interesting conversations. Ashley Jillian [link: here] is more of a blogger blogger than a photo blogger, and she Liked me three times. And then there’s Kitty [link: here], at The Cuckoos Nest, who has been patient enough to comment and Like my blogs, no matter how many I start up.

Thanks again, without the feedback blogging would be no fun at all… without Likes and Comments and Hits I guess blogging would be more like using your mother’s nail clippers to scrawl your thoughts across the walls of your bedroom closet while you’re hopped up on lithium carbonate and Kahlua. So… yeah, thanks. Really.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

4 thoughts on “My 100th post is dedicated to all the people who have Liked me so far

    • I’m glad your freakout has ended. I hate those. You only liked me once, but you’ve commented here more than anyone else (me: 32; you: 16), and I’ve liked every one of them. I was going to do a post thanking all the people who have commented on my brilliance, but after putting this post together I was bedridden from exhaustion for like three days.

      Thanks for coming back, and thanks for being back.


  1. Once every 4 years or so I lose my shit for about 8 months. At least I know my pattern! I too have enjoyed our conversations, I’m glad my brain will allow me to have them again, and thanks for the understanding.


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