Going to the chapel

Vankleek Hill bride

I’m getting married. To my girlfriend. Which is probably even less of a coincidence than it might seem.

We’ve been dating for four years, we have a three-year old son, we share the responsibilities for raising her seven-year old son, and we’ve been living together since last October. And we love each other. So it seemed about time I asked. At least it seemed about time someone asked, I just caved first.

This will be my first marriage, and her first to someone who can at least spell maturity.

The initial plan is to have a quick and simple service next fall — a civil ceremony, followed by a nice dinner with friends and family, then thirty to forty excellent years together. It’s a solid plan, but it’ll probably change once we realize what we’re actually doing.

So… congratulations to us.

Spring is here / The sky is blue / Birds all sing / Like they do / Today’s the day / We’ll say “I do” / And we’ll never be lonely anymore / Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…

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