The collapse of the sky

Vankleek Hill sunset

This is the evening “magic hour”… which is basically the first thirty minutes after sunrise, and the last thirty minutes before sunset. I only know this because I watch Charlie Rose, and way back in 1998 he interviewed legendary director Terrence Malick, just before the release of his film, “The Thin Red Line” [link].

It wasn’t very good, but most of the movie was shot during those two thirty minutes chunks that make up “magic hour” (re: golden hour) [Wiki link], so it looked fantastic. The wet pavement was a bonus.

This is the corner of Vankleek Hill’s [VKH link] Main St. and High St. on July 11, 2009 at 8:29pm. That’s my second floor apartment just to the right of the intersection. Check it out, I’m waving at you.

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