Kitty’s tracks on shadows

Vankleek Hill

A photographer friend of mine recently published a shot of a tree’s shadows over top of snow… and it hit me, I don’t take photos in the winter. I don’t know the reason, or if there is one, but going back through my archives I have very little material from December to March, going back four years. So, I went out and totally stole her idea / concept. Hers is way better, but it’s a start. I think, eventually, I’ll probably copy more of her ideas, because that would mean travelling to Japan and Europe and having a way cooler camera.

One thought on “Kitty’s tracks on shadows

  1. Oh how flattering! I love it! Snow is so beautiful, I can’t ever see enough photos of it.
    I like the snow waves (must be foot prints that were snowed over) and those two little sparkles.

    You do not have to have a good camera to take great pictures, I have taken some amazing shots with my cell phone that rivaled my big camera. It’s mostly about the subject and composition and a lot about luck.


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