2am blaze destroys Vankleek Hill dépanneur

Vankleek Hill fire

The larger of the two convenience stores on Vankleek Hill’s Main Street burned to the ground [link] early on the morning of July 4th.

The owners, who live behind the store, were saved when their neighbour arrived home from work and noticed the flames. The owners are nice people, very tied into the community. The cops have already ruled out foul play. Probably because, if it hadn’t been for the neighbour, the owners entire family would look like Daffy Duck in a Loony Tunes cartoon… just a collection of feet, beaks and some charcoal.

I took the photo from the living room window of my second storey apartment. My Samsung WB600 is set on its maximum zoom, so those people are, give or take, almost 200-feet away. I was just too freaking tired to get out there. I took ten shots, this was the only one where the camera focused beyond the window pane. Basically, to get this shot, I remembered I should open the dirty window before focusing.

…to be honest, the only reason I’m posting this photo is because my girlfriend thinks it’s cool. Hopefully Nazrul “Islam” Talukder, his wife Shaheen and their two adorable kids can get back their lives back to normal very quickly.

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