Night time at the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair

the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair

This is the 2009 Vankleek Hill Fair as seen from just outside the entrance. If you look closely you can see a carny stealing a purse. The camera lens I used to take this photo was, literally, the size of a mosquito’s puckered bumhole. Which means I had to brace the camera against something, or use a tripod, to keep the camera shake to a bare minimum. I actually held it on top of a fence post. Which means I am totally awesome because, again, the lens was just that small, and any shaking would make it look like the Fair was driving away. Which was a possibility, because carny’s are just like that.

2011 is the 167th annual Vankleek Hill Fair, which takes place from Thursday, August 18 until Sunday, August 21. The earlier you get there the more likely it is the carny running your ride will be sober.

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