Floating blue balls

a Vankleek Hill flower

There’s no way around it, those are some seriously blue balls. And so many, it was basically a yard filled with blue balls.I love these flowers, but they’re so freaking difficult to shoot. Their stem is two feet long, but only as thick as the lead in a pencil. So any breeze harder than heavy breathing sets them off on a chaotic, frustrating and randomized sequence of movements. So, using the macro, I took nine shots. Surprisingly most of them came out.

…I could have gone really dirty with this post, like porn dirty, but I surprised myself and held back. You’re welcome.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

4 thoughts on “Floating blue balls

    • Thank you very much. I have no idea about the flower type. I walked past them today and the stems are closer to three feet long, maybe a bit more.

      I always like talking about cameras. Since January I’ve been using a Samsung WB600, but for the four years previous I had a Kodak C533, which is about the size of a pack of cards, but still a nice usable little camera. The shot of my girlfriend and I in the hospital bed [link], the bloodletting [link] and the hot dentist [link] shots were all with the C533. The shot of my friends in the bar [link] was taken with my Minolta 450si, my big boy camera with the 70-210mm zoom. I also had a sweet 28-70mm with a macro. I had a pure 28mm, 2.8 lens for my Pentax K1000, that was nice.

      I should make the camera type a tag or category, since I’ll be posting from all three cameras… the WB600 has a real macro feature, which cuts the focal plane down to like two inches. It also has a 15x zoom, and a working stabilization feature, which makes the zoom work. And for every setting there’s a manual option. Me like.


  1. That’s a Globe Thistle, or Echinops sphaerocephalus. I snapped one in The Regent’s Park, London the other day then spent an hour trying to identify it online! I’m no expert, so I may have overlooked something, but it seems to match the photos.

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