The first night of the 2011 Vankleek Hill Fair

the Vankleek Hill Fair

The slogan for this year’s Fair is “Plowing Into A New Decade”, and I have no idea what that means in relation to the Fair. I get that the International Ploughing Match is in a few weeks, and nearly 100,000 people will be in this region watching the cream of the cream of furrow makers in competition, so maybe the Fair is trying to tie itself into the IPM crowd. But the slogan makes no sense in that context either. However the organizers meant the slogan to be interpreted it comes across like someone driving a car down the wrong side of the highway about to ram into something.

I guess they could be saying that, technically, 2011 is the first year of this new decade, in the same way that 2001 was actually the start of this new millennium. But realistically all of the fireworks went off in January of 2000.

I should probably point out that on the literature they’ve been handing out it’s “Plowing”, but on the website it’s “Ploughing”, and one means something very different than the other. But on neither is the slogan actually explained.

Regardless. This, is a pretty good shot. I waited around in the parking area for thirty minutes waiting for the sun to get properly aligned with Earth to get those colours. Next time I’ll check the Weather Channel for the sunset times.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

2 thoughts on “The first night of the 2011 Vankleek Hill Fair

  1. That was the plan. I spent another thirty minutes hanging out in the parking area trying to recreate a shot I took last year [link: here], but the sunset sucked. I also had my twenty-month old son with me, so by then it was ninety minutes past his bedtime. Maybe next year.

    Some of the shots I took along with this one have better colours, but I like the way the tree sits there, and how the parking lot shows there are people in there.


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