Binary Boy turns two for the first time

Victor gaming

In a few days my son will be two-years old. He was born a few weeks early, so posting this a few days before his actual birthday kind of makes sense — his original due date was 01.10.10, so his middle name would have been Binary.

He was born on December 12 (twelve twelve), so we went with “Coolio Cooler McCoolalot Super Awesome” instead.

His first name is Victor. When he’s not playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare six hours a day he’s learning new words, having fun eating snow, chasing the cat (also named Cooler), stacking random objects on top of other random objects, and staring pensively out windows at downtown Vankleek Hill like he’s writing epic poetry.

When I get a chance — between diaper changes — I’ll put up a few more of my favourite photos of Coolio Cooler McCoolalot Super Awesome.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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