The things that made this the worst year ever

Vankleek Hill grave

1. Jan. 2011: Eye infection; lasts four weeks.

2. Feb. 2011: Broken bone in foot; think the pain is from diabetes; despite the pain I walk on it for five weeks before seeking medical attention; stuck in boot cast w/ cane for another five weeks.

3. June until Oct. 2011: Prescription drug combination leads to unintended drug overdose; left with 37% kidney function.

4. Jan. to May 2012: Ear infection leads to total hearing loss in left ear, 60% in right.

5. Feb. 2012: Hearing loss leads to panic attacks, hypertension, and new medications for blood pressure. Hearing mostly returns in May.

6. May 2012: Girlfriend loses some amniotic fluid, rushes to Ottawa General Hospital. They tell her everything is normal and, despite her being an ‘extreme high risk pregnancy’, they send her home.

6b. May 2012: At home, the next day her water breaks, she loses most of her amniotic fluid. Rushes back to hospital where he’s admitted.

6c. April 2012: A few days after being admitted to the hospital, my girlfriend gets an infection. The only way to save our 23.5-week old baby is to induce labour and hope for the best.

6d. April 6, 2012: Our daughter dies during her delivery. [link] Actually, this is the only one I can remember.

Those are her brothers cleaning off her gravestone. The daisies were their idea.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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