Mystery bug on a flower

Vankleek Hill graffiti

I don’t know what that is.

It’s a bug, I get that. But it’s fuzzy like a bee, with the wings of a fly and the butt of something else. And the legs… holy crap, each of the legs were as long as the body, if not longer.

I followed it around with my camera for about a minute. But then it looked at me with those dime-sized eyes, and said “stop it, just fucking stop it.”, so I did.

Seriously though, if that thing is native to this region, I’ve never seen it before. And I spend a lot of time outside, and in gardens, so chances are pretty good I’ve seen most, if not all, of the insect life around here . Plus, I watch a lot of public television, and they’ve never shown this thing.

Maybe they’re afraid to.

I know the education system is falling apart, and we’re only a few months until the End Times, but if there are an entomologists left out there, I’d appreciate an educated opinion, but any guess would be a good guess…

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Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

2 thoughts on “Mystery bug on a flower

    • …in my memoir I’ll probably call it skill and attention to detail, but luck is probably right for the first draft. In less than three minutes I got three shots of… whatever it is, and this was the only one with a decent focus (ie: the only one where the whatever it is was standing still). If I wasn’t such a lazy bastard I’d probably crop out the store windows and bricks in the background.


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