Jumping for spring

Vankleek Hill belly dancers

I don’t know them, or if they’re related or dating, or both, but they’re happy. With the remnants of the Vankleek Hill snow mountain in the background, I thought this made a great “YAY, FUCK THE WORLD, SPRING IS HERE!” image.

I hate taking these types of shots. I have a photo-friend who specializes in ‘stranger photos’. He can stand on a busy street, pull out his DSLR, and start shooting the people either walking past him, or walking past him across the street. I have no idea how he does it… other than he shoots on busy streets, aka: the city, which guarantees some anonymity.

From my front yard I have a view of the high school… it’s right across the street, and this morning, while my son was playing in the yard, I sat on the stairs and started taking shots of the kids while they hung around their smoking area. The shots turned out crap (couldn’t get the right angle), but even from fifty-yards away and behind a fence and sitting in a shadow, I kept thinking ‘holy crap, if they catch me I’ll be branded as a freak and they’ll throw stuff at the house every night.’.

I took four shots of these two, this was the only decent one… I submitted it to the paper (it looks more focused in b&w), but they didn’t publish it — they did publish two other shots, one of some fire-people testing their new truck, and another of a fallen tree that was hung up on some wires over the highway.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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