Highway Safety Films presents: death in the VCI high school parking lot

Vankleek Hill lesson

I never had the opportunity to watch any of the “Death On The Highway” movies, produced by Ohio Highway Safety Films… I skipped that day in health class. The movies showed, in detail, what happened when people broke traffic laws and wrapped their car around another car, or a tree, or a bus load of nun-children or your mother and her nun-children.

The films are pretty gruesome. I do feel like I got caught up, however, when I watched “Faces Of Death” a few years later.

I don’t know if the school board allows either movie on its curriculum anymore, but they do allow reenactments.

The VKH Volunteer Fire Department, the Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP, the Paramedics Service, and even Hillcrest Funeral Homes, all came out on Monday to give the students of Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute an idea what the consequences are when you drink and drive.

…that’s a kid under the blanket. There’s a kid trapped in the backseat, meanwhile the driver is being read her rights by some cops stage right.

There were roughly 120 students watching the play unfold. I’d estimate six were taking it somewhat seriously.

You can find the entire Ohio Highway Safety Films catalogue on YouTube… same with the Faces Of Death series. As a parent, if you want your kid to “get the message”, I’d go with the Internet.

Vankleek Hill stretcher

Vankleek Hill body bag

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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