2014 National Capital Junior Hockey League All-Star Game

NCJHL All Stars

These are shots of the 2014 National Capital Junior Hockey League (NCJHL) All Star Game, taken at the Vankleek Hill Arena this past Sunday.

Which, abbreviated, comes out something like the 2014 NCJHL at the VKHA in VKH on Sun… but I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that.

The local newspaper, The Review (TR), asked me to take the photos. Normally I would have shot the game from behind the glass, and the photos would have mostly turned out dark (or darker) and generally dirtier. But this time I received permission to sit in the penalty box, so no glass and I was a lot closer to the players.

…the thing about shooting news is you only get the shots you’re willing to take. There are times when asking where you should stand is the last thing you should do, and there are times when approaching event organizers and making sure they understand you’re there to help will get you unlimited access.

For this one, I was one of several news photographers covering the event, but I was the first and only one to have the idea to shoot from the players area… it’s actually something I do often while shooting minor league hockey, but they can barely get the puck off the ice.

…anyway, the guys had fun, the score was something like 40-38, lots of awards were awarded and the Cougars Den Canteen still has the best steamed hot dogs in the league.

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