Sharing Our Favourite Five Photos: Pamela Dewar

Pamela Dewer

We’ve added some members to the Photo Club recently and, since we’re also getting the blog going again, we thought it’d be a great start over the next few weeks to have them post their favourite five (or more) photographs… and some of our favourites as well.

First up was Cathy Badcock… and we kind of forgot a few things with her post. Like what camera she uses (a 5-year old Nikon D300, and her iPhone), and what training she has in photography (none, but she did work as an interior designer, so she does have training in composition).

Next up is Pamela Dewar… Pamela took three photography courses at the Adult Education School in Lachute, and has been shooting for about 2-years with a Canon EOS Rebel T4i.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright



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