Sharing Our Favourite Five Photos: Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett

Not only have we restarted the blog, and started updating the Facebook page again, but we had our very first contest… Sylvie Pilon and Joanne Robinson MacCallum have each won two day passes to this weekend’s 170th Vankleek Hill Fair, and they promise to take lots of photos. In fact, the VKH Agricultural Society was kind enough to donate eight sets of tickets to our little Club, so there’s a whole bunch of us Club members going to the Fair this year to take photos.

The VKH Fair people are going to use some of them on their website, and in their advertising for next year’s Fair, we’re going to feature the shots here and on our Facebook page, and The Review, our local paper, has expressed an interest in publishing some of the better ones. So, turns out there might be some benefits to joining our little Club after all.

For the past week we’ve been featuring new Club members here on the blog… we’ve been asking them to share their favourite five (or more) shots, and a little bio, just to get them started.

So far we’ve featured Cathy Badcock, Pamela Dewar, and Denise Dejardins. Next up is Sandra Bennett…

“Hi, my Name is Sandra. I’m jumping into this photography group for fun! I love taking photos and seeing how they come out. I don’t have a camera preference, you’d be surprised how well some photos come out with just an iPhone or a Nikon pocket camera. I also have a Canon, Fuji, and Sony. It’s Fun!”

We totally agree… welcome to the Club.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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