A Vankleek Hill postcard from the edge

a Vankleek Hill postcard

My old camera, a Kodak C533 pocket digital, was great for shots like this. Just hold it straight up, let the camera set the exposure, then aim it at the subject and take the picture. The sky is captured perfectly, and everything else is silhouetted. The effect gets even cooler if the road is wet. Unfortunately, with my fancy new pocket digital camera, I can’t seem to capture sunsets in the same way.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

3 thoughts on “A Vankleek Hill postcard from the edge

    • Thank you Kitty. For some reason 2008 and 2009 were great years for shooting sunsets around here. I’ve thought about approaching the local merchants association about using some of these shots as postcards, but… ? The Historical Society recently used a bunch of my photos for a ‘Vankleek Hill on DVD project’, including this one, so I have my name in the credits.

      Personally I love how it looks like Vankleek Hill just ends in a cliff.


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