Lilacs out of the dead land

a lilac tree you'd find in Vankleek Hill

If there had been a concert by, lets say AC/DC, in Vankleek Hill, I’d be posting pictures of Satan’s Heralds. But that will never happen, so here’s a shot of one of the four lilac trees in my parents’ yard. You take photos of the things which surround you, that you have access to, and you hope someone will find them interesting. Which is exactly what you tell the police when they find you in the early morning rolling around naked on your neighbour’s lawn taking shots of your genitals.

“April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing / Memory and desire, stirring / Dull roots with spring rain. / Winter kept us warm, covering / Earth in forgetful snow, feeding / A little life with dried tubers.” a little taste of T.S. Elliot, ‘The Wasteland’ (1922). Google it, it’s awesome.

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