Maybe next year they should just grow pot

the Vankleek Hill garden scarecrow

Nice try, I guess, but the Vankleek Hill Community Garden Project experiment is either taking a year off, or the abandoned lot in the middle of Vankleek Hill has officially been abandoned again. I have to say I was skeptical it would work at all, but the Garden People — including my girlfriend — really pulled it off. For a little while the centre of town didn’t look like a tiny piece of Detroit, it was a thriving garden filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers. If the garden won’t work I think the only option left for the huge empty lot is to turn it into a tent city for refugees from Hawkesbury. It’d be the humane option.

This is what the garden, and the scarecrow, looked like last year: [Link: Scarecrow]

2 thoughts on “Maybe next year they should just grow pot

    • That’s the Death Car of Vankleek Hill… my girlfriend knows the owner of the car and dog, both of which are awesome. I really like this template as well, it’s called Modularity Lite. You can have the sidebar on the side, or on the bottom, which allows you to have photos up to 800px wide. There are a bunch of other options, like background colours and images.

      It’d make a cool gravestone. I have a longer view of the scarecrow but I liked this angle better. This was more of a message photo than an artistic one…


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