Showing respect for the last chunks of Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute

last pieces of Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute

It looks like the machines are giving homage above the gravestone for Vankleek Hill’s high school, but they’re actually in the middle of a chain gang. The red machine is jackhammering away at the last pieces of VCI’s foundation, then the machine on the left scoops up the rubble and leaves it in a pile for the third machine, which then puts it into the crusher, part of which you can see in the right edge of the photo.

There’s also no gravestone. The large stone is actually the platform for the bell used in the original VCI, built over 100 years ago… so, really, this whole photo is just a bunch of misdirections and innuendo. I’ll bet those aren’t even real trees. Sarah Palin’s right, never trust the media.

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