In Vankleek Hill cumulonimbus has nothing to do with sex

downtown Vankleek Hill

Much like most of Eastern Canada, Vankleek Hill was recently trapped in a heat wave for almost two straight weeks. Temperatures around here ranged from “what?!?” to “Jesus. Fucking. Christ.”, and that’s in Celsius. Then the Weather Channel told us there was a storm coming. In fact they had alerts set up on their website and channel, giving us enough warning, I guess, to make sure the dog was double-knotted to the tree. And then the clouds came in… and they weren’t normal. They looked like the thunderheads you see on American television just before towns disappear. They were awesome. Then they floated right by us, hit Hawkesbury — because that’s how life works, and the Quebec side of the river. Honestly, during the two week heat wave, everyone had rain except us. I blame the Presbyterians.

Anyway. This cloud is either a cumulonimbus calvus, or a cumulus congestus.

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