Sunset worthy of its own brochure

downtown Vankleek Hill

This photo needs to be in the next Vankleek Hill tourism brochure… and I’m not just saying that because I’d charge the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Society $200 as a licensing fee. We get some spectacular sun activity around here, and people do pay a lot for sunset / sunrise vacations. Plus I could use the money… Robin, a blog buddy [Watawa Life], is selling two Nikon D60 digital camera kits for $250 per, and me like the DSLRs.

2 thoughts on “Sunset worthy of its own brochure

    • Thanks Emad, and thank you for commenting. I was lucky to see this sunrise, I was only awake by accident and just happened to look out my kitchen window, and even then I was almost too tired to get my camera and step out on my balcony.


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