Last chair standing after the VCI Apocolypse

Vankleek Hill high school

Once I realized they had started tearing down my old high school, I made it a point to walk around the demolition area every day, taking photos. So now I have hundreds of photos of my high school being torn down. I could put together a flip-book the size of the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary. That’s 220,000 pages and 179lbs of flip book. No one needs that.

They’re currently turning the, now entirely flattened, space into a second soccer field to replace the previous second soccer field, which is now a parking lot for the new school, which is smaller than the original school, which will be a soccer field in about two months. Just in time for soccer season. I’m still taking photos of the process. I don’t know why.

I walked past this area about 9,000 times, and the chair was never there. Then, bango, there it was. I was stuck behind a tall steel fence, otherwise I might have grabbed it. Then, maybe, used a nail feather quill to scratch obscenities random words into it. Then, possibly, take it down to Mrs. R’s home and, I don’t know, maybe put it on her lawn and set it on fire had a picnic. Then we’d probably all laugh because, really, we all loved Mrs. R.

Vankleek Hill Photo copyright

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