Sunset on a wet Vankleek Hill street plus a new copyright thing

Vankleek Hill Andrew

I’ve been looking into the copyright protection laws of other countries, as well as catching up on Canada’s laws, and I discovered the civilized world will protect my work, written and images, for between fifty and seventy years after I’m dead.

But, after six or eight hours of searching, I couldn’t find anything about what would happen if I was infected and turned into a zombie. What happens to my rights if I were undead? Would I even have any? It seems like an awfully large legal black hole to me…

This is the only intersection in Vankleek Hill with traffic lights. For all the others we use the “hope for the best” rule. The building on the right is actually where I live. If you look closely you can see me waving. It looks like the road just ends, but that’s the Hill part in Vankleek Hill.

This was the second biggest rainfall we’ve had in two months… second out of two.

Please let me know if the new copyright symbols are too much, or just right. The “more info” button links to some cool stuff.

Vankleek Hill Photo copyright

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