Before the Halloween show at the Rivoli in Toronto

Constable Brennan from Vankleek Hill

The most successful band to come out of Vankleek Hill was the randomly and infrequently sober, Constable Brennan.

They were a straight ahead punk band with a cool organ sound. They lasted for a few years (1999-2004ish), mostly playing in the Toronto scene, but with regular tours around Ontario. They released an EP, called “No Shoes, No Pants, No Sober”, which was fantastic, and a CD produced in New York by Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers which, mostly because of Vic, was not good.

But Darell did get to put Bob Marley’s guitar between his legs and ride it like a horse around the studio.

Anyway, this is my “friends on Friday post”, and they were friends. Constable Brennan is also the name of a cop who drove around our streets back in the day.

Some of the other bands with a Vankleek Hill connections: Heavens Radio; Trip The Off; The Peelers; Terry Gillespie; April Wine — Brian Green-way, was born near Vankleek Hill, in Hawkesbury, and Jerry Mercer, lives somewhere near Vankleek Hill; and Rush has a recording studio just across the river and up into the mountains from here… that one’s a stretch.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

4 thoughts on “Before the Halloween show at the Rivoli in Toronto

  1. I remember Lorian… I just Googled The Jeers and checked out their MySpace page, which surprised me, I had no idea MySpace still existed. Heh. I listened to a couple of their tracks, and I can’t say I’m a fan of their vocalist or their writing. But the rest of the band has a nice sound, and there is definitely a Vankleek Hill connection.

    Who else… one of the guys in Sheriff / Frozen Ghost married the sister of a friend of mine, who was born and raised close to Vankleek Hill. My friend and Dave T. went on tour with them and Lee Aaron as roadies in the late 80’s.

    I guess I should also include Sound Corps, Imaginary Heaven (four CD’s) and Hush Hush, who signed a contract with an American recording studio, but then broke up before the ink was dry. And, of course, the legendary VKH-VCI band, The Cause.

    I know I’m missing some more…plus the Hawkesbury bands. The local cable station showed an old timers concert with a dozen Hawkesbury bands from the early and mid-70’s. There was one that played at The Holiday a few times in 1989, with a female lead singer, that was awesome. They had a really dumb name though… Pegasus?

    Thanks for commenting Luc. If you can think of anymore, feel free to leave a list here.


      • Oh noze an anonymous interwebz troll upset about zometing he reads on his puter, what shall I ever do?

        …wait, are you a ‘Jeers’ fan? Is that why you’ve being all pissy? Wow. You’re not only a lousy troll, but you’re a fucking idiot and a musical retard as well. Jesus.


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