Passing on a dragonfly

Vankleek Hill dragonfly

My girlfriend’s oldest son, who is also the oldest brother to my son, hates bugs. He honestly believes bugs are all out to hurt us. He lashes out with absolute destructive force at every bug he sees, at every opportunity he is given. To his credit he is, like all 5-year olds, a boy of absolute conviction. Unfortunately, that conviction pretty much takes up his entire world-view at the moment.

Trying to convince Andrew that running past driveways is unsafe, or that when mommy is exhausted it’s colouring time, or that picking up the cat by its head is not a good idea, or that bugs serve a purpose, is like trying to convince a Evangelical Fundamentalist that Spencer Tracy out duelled Elliott Reid, and John Scopes should never have been found guilty.

That’s my neighbour handing off the dead and broken dragonfly (that I found) to Andrew. If Andrew had seen that beautiful, delicate insect while it was still alive, lets say perched on a flower, he would have circled it like a lion on a wounded groundhog, then jumped into the flower bed with great relish, smashing his way through in an explosion of petals until he had crushed the dragonfly under his SpiderMan sneakers.

But, after being handed the dead dragonfly, he gently carried it around, awestruck at how pretty it was. I honestly cannot wait for this kid to turn ten.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

3 thoughts on “Passing on a dragonfly

  1. Thanks, every once in a while I forget I’m trying to maintain an image, of sorts, and the quality slips out.

    …just an aside, but I don’t like referring to you as “idiot photographer”, because you’re not and it just seems rude.


  2. You’re welcome, remember, your true colors will always shine through ;)

    As to the aside, feel free to come up with your own nickname for me, you wouldn’t be the first! I embrace the fact that I really don’t know what I am doing with my camera so I am indeed an idiot. Often I cannot explain the how or why of a photo I’ve taken, while I’ve been learning more of the technical details of photography and compositional theory most of the time when I am out with my camera I’m just taking pictures. So don’t feel rude, ‘cuz you’re not.


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