Take me back down where cool water flows, and let me remember things I love

Vankleek Hill swimming

Originally I was going to use a quote from Neil Young’s “Down By The River” for the headline, but when I was singing along I remembered the part where he brought his girlfriend down to the river and “shot her dead”. So I chose CCR’s classic “Green River” instead. I’m pretty sure John Fogerty never shot his girlfriend down by the river.

This is my girlfriend, and our son, at the Quebec beach where the Rouge River meets the Ottawa River. It was Victors first river experience, and he did great. He walked right in, holding his mom’s hand, and was laughing right up until the water hit his little Victor. Then he made a little screech, turned around and tried to get out as fast as he could.

It’s a strange beach. You can walk straight out into the Ottawa for 100-yards, and your swim suit will never get wet. But walk ten feet into the Rouge, and you’re up to your neck in a not so slow moving current. I really like the people walking towards the camera, and the fill-flash worked perfectly.

I found forty songs in my archives with the word “River” in the title. So here’s lyrics from two of the far too many other songs I was going to quote from:

“…and we followed the river / and we followed the road / and we walked through this land / and we called it home / but he wanted the sun / and I wanted the whole / and the while light scatters / and the sun sets low / Like the pain in the river.” — PJ Harvey, ‘River Song’

“Teach the gifted children / teach them to have mercy / Teach them about sunsets / teach them about moonrise / Teach them about anger / the sin that comes with dawning / Teach them about flowers / the beauty of forgetfulness / Then take me to the river / and put me in the water / Bless them and forgive them / father cause they just don’t know…” — Lou Reed, ‘Teach The Gifted Children’

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright


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