The eyes of my son are my sun and my world and my everything

another Vankleek Hill sunset

This is my son.

Those eyes will cure you. Not just of one thing, but of all the things.

If you bent down on one knee, and stared into those eyes, you would hear Bob Marley singing “Redemption Song”.

If you were standing next to him, waiting for a street light to change, and he looked up at you and caught your eye, the most violent act you could ever make upon the world for the rest of that day, is if you cried at the memory of that moment.

…you wouldn’t need a reason to skip work, you would just do it, and find a cool brook to sit beside for an entire afternoon. And you’d want to build a cabin there and spend the rest of your life writing poetry about love and the wings of butterflies.

If he didn’t turn away when you stared into his eyes you would understand why you’re alive.

I know all of this because I feel all of this when he looks at me.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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