God showed Noah a rainbow sign and said it won’t be water but fluffy snow next time

Vankleek Hill storm

This is downtown Vankleek Hill during the first blizzard of the 2012 season. It was also 12/21/12 so, as you can imagine, we were all a little anxious because no one was entirely sure the snow would stop.

But it did. Which sucked, because it meant I had to shovel the driveway for the second time that day, and the third time in two days. The end of the world would have been a nice break.

I don’t think this storm was ideal for pushing a stroller and herding two kids, but it was great for photos — lots of fluffy snow, not too much wind, not too cold, people walking on Main Street, snowplows taking their time. This was taken at noon, with my zoom set at 20x.

…that snowball ended up in the Mommy’s back. Which seems like the exact wrong thing to do considering the time of year, and considering Mommy just pushed a three-wheeled stroller down a snow-filled sidewalk all the way down Main Street and back. I think someone’s about to find out Santa isn’t real*.

I’m going to post one more shot of these people later on, then two more of others during the same storm. I know. You’re welcome.


*Spoiler alert.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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