Snow job like a snow job

Vankleek Hill blizzard

This was the second blizzard to hit Vankleek Hill in six days. All together I had to shovel roughly 3.5-feet of snow out of our driveway… our very roomy, two lane driveway that could easily fit four cars with space leftover for a two-table ping-pong tournament.

Not many municipalities would allow a curmudgeon to drive a tractor with a front attachment full of spinning steel horizontal augurs down city streets.

This is Cecil, he has been working for the village of Vankleek Hill (re: Champlain Township as of a few years ago) longer than I can remember being alive. He will stop the tractor before he runs you over, eventually, but he’ll get close enough that you understand it was a decision he had to think about.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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