Vankleek Hill’s road to nowhere

Vankleek Hill hockey

With spring still six or seven months away, I thought I’d post this as a reminder of what Vankleek Hill looks like when it’s not buried under a six mile thick slab of a slushy, grey glacier of depression and eternal dimness.

Not too shabby… not too shabby at all.

…you know what the best time of year is for a seven-year old? Christmas. Or Kwanzaa… or whenever the gifting season their religion or lack thereof comes about.

And the worst time of year? Twenty minutes before the best time. And that’s what makes this time of year suck so hard. It’s the anticipation, the hope that comes with being told “just one more night until all that crap is yours, Johnny and / or Jane. Just go to sleep and it’ll all be yours”.

Well, what kid can sleep with that knowledge? And imagine their disappointment when they find out you were lying to them and it’s actually another week.

Well, around here, we can smell spring. We can see the snow slowly melting. The days are getting warmer, we can almost feel the colour we can remember.

But then we wake up and spring is always a month away.

…anyway. I took this shot a few minutes after a rain storm cleared up, which happened right in the middle of a beautiful sunset — I’m facing east. Actually, I posted the great awesome award-winning spectacular shot of the sunset itself… [Link: Curtains For Vankleek Hill]. It’s totally worth checking out.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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