Spring sprungs forth

Vankleek Hill spring

We’ve entered the ‘in-between’ time… the two or three weeks between winter and spring where the winds still blow cold, but for some reason the snow melts.

We’ve actually been in it for a week. It’s a transition, the sun feels warmer, there are birds chirping like they’re happy to be awake, there’s a moisture in the air, along with the smell of mud and damp earth and the sound of tiny rivers.

If you know where to look there are tiny patches of bright green among the newly exposed grey and brown remains of last years life.

Anyway, regarding the relationship between the dude in the photo and the little girl, I assume they knew each other but really, I have no idea. So if anyone in or around Vankleek Hill is missing a family member you should probably contact me… actually, maybe contacting the police would be a better idea.

Somehow this photo made it onto the editorial page of our local paper as a sign spring has sprung — they cropped out the Mazda, so if anyone is missing a Mazda they should probably give me a call as well, I guess. I believe that makes about thirty of my photos they’ve published in the past six weeks.

…I took this photo Easter weekend, if you want to see the “before” image, taken in pretty much the same place: [Link: God showed Noah a rainbow sign…]

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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