Stuff I Found: G.I. Googoo Gaga

Vankleek Hill spring

My son is three-years old. Yesterday morning he took my tin wastepaper bucket from my home office / nap room, put it on his head and, with a wooden spoon in each hand, ran around our home playing his head as though it were a drum.

One thing he has never showed an interest in is clearing a room full of “dangerous killers”, or going on a night mission to clear a village with his nursery school buddies, but then I’ve never given him the opportunity to hold an HK MP5 before.

But I can now. Thanks anonymous American toy designer.

…I found this in the frozen food section of our local grocery store which, for some reason, doubles as the cheap, plastic, disposable toy bin / Chinese manufacturing showcase. Serious…. what kind of mentally perverted, deranged, dead on the inside freak would market a toy like that to a 3-year old?

Sure, lets get him ready for war. Next from ‘Yong Sheng Toys’, maybe a costume-in-a-box consisting of a half-empty bottle of vodka, a bag of tear-soaked tissues, some dirty clothes and a useless resume, and my three-year old can dress up like an Iraq-war veteran who has been home six months, mostly just sitting in a corner of his parent’s basement with a wicked case of PTSD.

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