Emergency response round up

Vankleek Hill emergency

This is me catching up. I have photos in my hard drive that I’ve wanted to post… actually I have hundreds, if not thousands from the past few years, but I only post a few times a month. So, before they completely lose their relevance, here’s some stuff from before…

Yeah. So, anyway. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take photos of our local fire brigades as they fought a large grass fire. The local broadsheet published at least one of them, but I’m pretty sure it was two.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and post more often… I have a blog buddy who has been posting a new photo every day for more than four years. I think, starting next week, I’m going to post three times a week.

My original intent was to not turn this into a regular blog, but it has become my regular blog because it’s easier to post a photo and 200-words than the 1,000-word essays I used to write on my Other Blogs.

Hopefully the Internet will survive this increase in posting activity.

Vankleek Hill new truck

Vankleek Hill fire fighters

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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