Self Portrait: My kidneys are dead, long live The Machine

Vankleek Hill emergency

…found out recently my kidneys are toast [insert appropriate emoticon here]. Done. No more worky. Taking up real estate. Not paying rent anymore.*

I’ll be spending this summer in and out of the hospital. First, for an information session. Then dialysis, then more dialysis and more dialysis and possibly a transplant.

Weird thing is, it has nothing to do with the diabetes. At least not directly. Two events in two years involving the same two medications (and, incidentally, the same two groups of doctors and nurses prescribing and monitoring everything) and I went from pink and healthy to 36% and now to 16% effectiveness.

Which isn’t nearly enough. My fault though. It wasn’t even really the medications fault. They’re safe together if properly checked. The blood tests were my responsibility and I never pushed.

I’m not depressed about this. Not yet anyway. Maybe later. Right now I’ve got my garden and my little family.


*I totally published every word of this post on my Facebook account three days ago.**


**Except the disclaimer part. That’s new… and “recently” in the first paragraph was originally “today”. Gotta keep this stuff fresh, otherwise why subscribe? Right?

…also, that’s my arm in the photo. Which is kind of the point of publishing on a photo blog. They took fourteen vials of blood out of me. Dialysis, more dialysis, lots of dialysis then possibly a transplant, then drugs and more drugs and lots of drugs and more stuff… yay.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait: My kidneys are dead, long live The Machine

    • …personally I’m not sure I like this post either, but mostly from a creative perspective. I’ve tried not to make this a personal blog, but keeping it going as a photo blog kind of meant at least dealing with this in a small way. At least. So I just ripped off my Facebook post and now I can keep going with the lighter stuff.

      I think, given the opportunity, the doctors can fix me. Socialized health care does work. My best chance is to have a family member volunteer to be tested, and they pass. But I still have to figure out how far I’m willing to let the people around me go, and what dangers I’m willing to put them through in order for me to get better.

      Mucho thinking to do.

      Thanks very much for not liking the post. Although, it’s still cool if people want to… the picture is pretty neat.


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