Time flies and I’m starting a new Club

Vankleek Hill flies on rice

I’m starting a club: “The Vankleek Hill Amateur Photographers Club” — totally depending, or course, on whether there’s already such a thing.

There are a lot of people in my village with a camera, and there are a lot of people in this village who organize a lot of events where those people take those cameras and shoot everything from Santa Claus parades, to food festivals, to weekend long art shows, to nightly sporting events and birthday parties, to cloudscapes and flowers… but very few places to put those photos.

…so, my idea is to encourage people to take photos of events and people here in town, then we can post them here once or twice a week.

This site has a “gallery” feature, which means I can publish dozens of photos per post as thumbnails that open into a slide show, without tearing a hole in the Internet. People would also post / tag their names with their photos, so friend, fans and family could find their work right away.

We could do ‘special assignments’, like one week we do cloud shots, or shots of smiling kids, or a specific event in Vankleek Hill — like the upcoming Agricultural Fair, or the Food Festival in September.

We could also meet occasionally to discuss techniques and equipment, or just get together to gossip about all the “professional” photographers in the area.

Everything we post here would automatically appear on a Facebook page for the Club, which we could share with our Facebook buddies.

Basically, I think anyone in Vankleek Hill with a camera, whatever their talent level, could be a part of this… as long as they’re willing to have some fun, and they’re amateurs.

…not bad, eh? I thought this up all on my own.

And, yes, those are flies on rice.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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