2013 Vankleek Hill Pond Rocket Cup Hockey Tournament

Vankleek Hill hockey

These are from the 9th Annual Vankleek Hill Pond Rocket Cup 4-on-4 hockey tournament, which took place way back in March. Which happened to be four months before I realized how useful WordPress’ ‘Gallery’ feature was. My original post on the Rocket Cup only had one photo, because twenty would’ve been silly. But, four months later, here we are…

…a quick disclaimer: I was shooting through an inch of dirty, scratched Plexiglas, and the lens on my camera is, roughly, the size of a mosquito’s left testicle.

I’m giving some serious thought to upgrading to a DSLR, something like the Nikon D5100 — with a 18mm-55mm (f3.5-5.6) lens. But then I think of all the features my little Canon SX240HS has packed in its pocket friendly body, and I wonder what the hell I’d do with a camera I’d have to carry around in a bag.

The lens on my little compact Canon is a 25mm-500mm (20x digital, 80x digital) zoom. Which is insane. But, because of the diameter of that damn lens, shooting in low light is just so painful. But… it also has a ‘low light’ specific setting. Which is frustrating, because it sucks so much when it comes to shooting sports. It really is the perfect ‘in-between’ camera. Which makes it almost impossible to justify spending $700 on an upgrade… which may, or may not, actually be an upgrade.

I’m torn. Thankfully, Walmart has an awesome two-week full money back trial period which I plan on abusing over and over and over and over again, until I either find a DSLR worth having, or I decide my Canon is just camera enough for what I do.

Thanks, Walmart, this totally makes the destruction of my Main Street worth it.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright


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