Best of September

Vankleek Hill

I haven’t had many opportunities to post lately, and when I have it has mostly been stuff that’s either old or really old. This is mostly because I’ve been spending most of my time in hospital waiting rooms — waiting to have tests done, or actually having the tests done. Plus, I got married, so that really ate into my photo-taking time.

…I’ll post those photos soon.

But, despite spending almost 40-hours in hospitals during the month of September, and travelling 1200kms to get there and back (all covered by Canadian socialist health care) over and over again, I have been taking photos. Just not as many as I’d like.

So, long story short, these are some of my favourite shots from this past month…

ps: that guy in the top photo was a photography student from some school in Ottawa, who thought it’d be cool to take photos of street people. I took the shot as an example of my least favourite type of photographer. That’s me in the reflection… it’s very meta.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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