2014 VCI Fashion Show

VCI Fashion Show

…I mostly wear black T-shirts and beige cargo pants. I know a little about fashion because one of the TV programs I relied on to keep me awake at night happened to be ‘What Not To Wear’. But that’s pretty much it.

The show was put on to raise money for their graduating prom night… and they did a great job. There were three huge musical numbers on the main stage, plus two hours of runway work. Then they had a special ‘rose ceremony’ that was just adorable. Everyone had a great time.

But I have no idea how kids do this…

The local paper asked me to shoot the event (they only published two of them). The only problem I had was the lighting. Whoever is doing it next year: the lighting for a fashion show has to focus everyone’s attention on the clothes. I know every lighting guy in high school wants every event to look like a Faith No More [link] video (because I was the lighting guy in high school), but for a fashion show to work, people need to see the fashion.

The lighting guys kindly fixed things a little for the second half of the show (everything I shot in the first half came out looking like an Ozzy Osbourne concert), by adding some white light, and taking away some of the red.

Anyway… this is what I got, and I like every one of them. If anyone involved wants a copy, just leave a comment with your email, and I’ll send you a quality version.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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