The 2014 Hawkesbury River Festival

Hawkesbury River Fest

For the past few years I’ve really only had time to do ‘event photography’… which basically means going to an event and trying my best to not look like a pervert while taking photos of people doing stuff when they probably woke up thinking “hey, I really hope no one takes a photo of me doing the shit I have planned today”.

I’m not complaining. Not really. I like getting out, and getting paid for taking photos is pretty cool. I would like to take some time to shoot… I don’t know… other photos. Or at least other styles of photography. I think it depends on the event.

Anyway… thankfully, we do have a lot of established events around Vankleek Hill. And now Hawkesbury is starting to catch up. Or at least get involved. It has been interesting over the past few years to watch Hawkesbury try to become a ‘destination town’. Recently they joined together with a few other communities along the Ontario side of the Ottawa River, for a ‘River Festival’, that was mostly about speed boats that people could only see in action from about half-a-mile away.

But there was a small fair for the kids. And Jason Thorne showed up with his motorcycle and did some tricks. But, because Hawkesbury has no real history of ‘events’, it’ll take a while before people start coming. I took photos at the fair, for example, and I literally had to follow the same two families around for thirty minutes to get my shots. There was no one else there the entire morning… other than me and a bunch of sun-crazed carnies.

It’ll happen eventually.

This was an assignment for the local paper. A lot of these shots were published in The Review.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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