The 170th Vankleek Hill Fair Through The Eyes Of Maradora Horner And Denise Desjardins

Maradora Horner and Denise Desjardins

Our Club has had a lot of new people join recently, so we sent some of them to the 170th Vankleek Hill Fair, including Maradora Horner, and Denise Desjardins… because we’re cool like that.

We even had our very first contest, and gave away two sets of day passes to the Fair. Sylvie Pilon and Joanne Robinson MacCallum won the tickets, and we’ll be uploading their photos to our Facebook page as soon as my sunburn lets me sit at the computer for more than ten minutes. So… probably Thursday night.

We’re having another contest starting this weekend, and it’s going to be pretty sweet. I’m just not sure right now what the prize is going to be… but it’ll be sweet.

Anyway. Back to the reason for this post. Denise was there with her camera on Thursday for the motorcross and combine demolition derby, as well as on Saturday for the… I guess what we’ll have to start referring to as the ‘regular demolition derby’, and the small animals. Maradora was there with her daughter on Friday for the midway, the heavy horse line classes, and the animal judging.

Coming up on Friday… heavy horse pull, antique tractors, more from the midway, and some random stuff that probably should never be seen in public.

Thanks Maradora and Denise…

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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