170th Vankleek Hill Fair Through The Eyes Of Gabriel Landriault

Gabriel Landriault

This is it… our last post featuring the 170th Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair. We received more than 2,500 photos from the three day, four night event, from six Club members and contest winners.

Events like the Fair offer so many photo opportunities, that you really need multiple shooters to even come close to covering it properly. And I think we did… we missed out on some of the night time activities, but that was mostly because most of us have kids… and those of us who could get to see the bands, just didn’t have the equipment to shoot at night.

Or we were drunk.

Honestly, there are some wonderful shots, but I’m glad we’re moving on to other things.

With all of those shots, we could easily publish nothing but Fair shots for the next six months. Chances are pretty good, if you live in the Vankleek Hill area, that you’ll be seeing some of them again… the VKH Fair people were kind enough to give us free passes to this years event, in return for being able to use our photos in their advertising for next years event.

…so I hope they’ve got lots of space on their part of the Internet.

Shooting these were a lot of fun. Mostly I shot the volleyball tournament, the tractor pull, the heavy horse pull, the light horse rodeo, the (regular) demolition derby, the midway, some of the kid events, and just random people doing the random things people do at Country Fairs.

…I also wanted to thank Maradora Horner, Denise Dejardins, Diane Lingley-Landriault, and Sandra Bennett for sending in so many great photos.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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