Cathy Badcock Tours Nova Scotia And We’re Giving Away Tickets To Beau’s Oktoberfest

Cathy Badcock

Cathy Badcock, one of our Club members, took her family to the east coast for a well deserved vacation, and was nice enough to send us some of her photos… which kind of sucks (just a little), because it looks like she had a great time, doing interesting things, and we didn’t get to go. Maybe next year.

Our latest contest is still going on… up for grabs are two tickets to Beau’s Oktoberfest, in Vankleek Hill. If you want to enter, just scroll down and you’ll find the rules.

But, between then and now, enjoy Cathy’s photos… and, in her words, some of the interesting and cool things she and her incredibly adorable children did… try not to get too jealous.

1. On The Beach: “Queensland Beach… only half an hour from Peggy’s Cove … another annual vacation stop when possible! Water was beautiful this year, and the beach was quiet for a Tuesday! Such a great drive — the Lighthouse Route. We had the place to ourselves. I have other pictures from previous years when there was only Parker, and then Parker & Paige from babes to current!

“I want to do them as a series in a few more years.”

2. The Giant Hammock: “I have been going just about every year or so since I was a kid. I have watched it grow into a thriving tourist destination! The busy-ness makes me cringe sometimes… but other times – when you manage to visit on an off hour, or spectacular weather day … the place never seems to get old, you always see something new or in a different light. It’s nostalgic for me. This year was an especially busy day with tour buses & foot traffic… it still managed to be enjoyable for all! I went on one of the tour boats with our son … who learned that driving a boat on the ocean is VERY different than driving one on a lake!

“We visited the Swissair Memorial… all of the pictures were taken at Peggy’s Cove or on the way home…

“The Giant Hammock was an unexpected stop – Parker would tell you it was the best Part of the whole day! On the way back from the Peggy’s Cove boat tour we stopped at a road side stand that sold hammocks… before we were fully out of the car – a large child was yelling at us that we HAVE TO TRY THE HAMMOCK!!! Press repeat on the statement. Turns out he was a local kid with autism who came regularly to this giant hammock. His enthusiasm had Parker and I both sold! He was right! Parker took the last picture of the Giant Hammock Facts.”

3. The Waterfall Photos: “My mom’s childhood friend, who has lived in the area her entire life, brought us here this year. The whole family and two dogs … don’t know how we would have found it without our local guide! Felt like we drove off into a cow pasture forever… we parked on the road and hiked down steep steps, attached to a rock face carrying a two year old. The water wasn’t especially deep, crystal clear & minimal worry about the kids injuring themselves or drowning! We painted rocks and picnicked by our own private – although it is a public place – waterfalls. Fabulous fun.

4. The Weird Stuff: “We stop every year so that the kids can run around on a mish mash of weird things like polar bears, mastodons, and canons. There is also mini put, ice cream, gallery for local artists, Tim Hortons and a Taco Bell. What else could you want at one spot?”

5. Mish Mash: “The first 2x are at the private beach on Stillwater Lake, NS. Paige is just starting to become comfortable in the water and Parker swam out to the BIG ROCK all by himself to show off his muscles.

“The next 4x are from Oaklawn Farm Zoo, in Aylesford Nova Scotia. Great family destination spot, really reasonable admission. Great mix of zoo and farm animals (just ask about the zonkey!), animals and enclosures in great shape – lots of babies! Animals were active and social … really fantastic spot. Lots of picnic and swings along the walking paths between enclosures to give kids and parents a rest.

“The last were from Halifax waterfront … brilliantly hot day, and insanely busy… especially when toting a long two kids under the age of five. We saw Theodore the tugboat & played by the wave and kid play structures… ice cream was our beg reward at the end of the day!”

This is it… your chance to win two Saturday passes to Beau’s Oktoberfest!

After making sure you’ve Liked our Facebook page, just email us a Vankleek Hill related photograph to, with a little explanation as to why it’s your favourite, and you’ll be entered into a contest with a chance to win two tickets for Saturday’s events at Beau’s Oktoberfest…

It can be of anything — people, person, place, thing, garden, tree, animal, pet, event, sunset, sunrise… WHATEVER and from WHENEVER. That’s right, TIME HAS NO MEANING!!

Music, beer, sausage, lederhosen, and photos… it’s going to be an awesome event.

Here’s the fine print:

1. only people who have “Liked” our Facebook page can enter (so Like us, we’re cool)

2. you have to bring your camera to the event

3. you have to share the photos you take with us

4. you must have a great time

Names will be picked out of a hat on Wednesday, October 1. There will be more chances to enter again and again as the draw gets closer.

Good luck.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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