The 2019 Vankleek Hill Horse and Buggy Parade & Strawberry Social

Vankleek Hill Amateur Photo Club

A few weeks ago, I took my oldest son to another event in Vankleek Hill — the 2019 Truck Shine ‘n Show & Truck Pull [link here]. This time, instead of horsepower on four wheels, it was horse power on four hooves. Get it? Horses instead of trucks? Fun. Knee.

…it was the 23rd Annual Vankleek Hill Horse and Buggy Parade & Strawberry Social [link here]. You can see him in a couple of the photos, standing on a porch, staring at the tablet his grandmother loaned him. Sigh.

I can’t blame him, I suppose. This is the most gentle and quiet of all the Events we have in Vankleek Hill. Tranquil even. No fireworks, no marching bands, no loud music… just a bunch of horses out for a walk, pulling stuff.

At least that’s the Horse And Buggy part of the show… I’ve never been to the Strawberry Social part of this event, so there legit could be Norwegian Death Metal bands and goat sacrifices for all I know.

I submitted some of the photos I found interesting to our local paper, The Review, but they went with someone else’s shots… they were decent, so I’ll live.

Technical Stuff: I was close enough that I used my 18mm wide angle (it’s an 18-55mm lens) for pretty much the whole Event. I took 114 shots in total. They were all in focus.

Click on the first photo to get the carousel going…


Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright



5 thoughts on “The 2019 Vankleek Hill Horse and Buggy Parade & Strawberry Social

    • Hi! That one was my favourite as well… before the parade there’s a mini-competition for the ‘best of show’, and one of the criteria is ‘best dressed’. I’m pretty sure she won.


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