Vankleek Hill as Stonehenge

Vankleek Hill's stonehenge

Vankleek Hill is a crossroads town… again, I don’t understand why no one in Vankleek Hill has named their business Crossroads Something. That storefront on the left will be a gallery after the renovations are done… so how about “At The Crossroads Art Gallery”? There’s also no Simon Vankleek Anything and no Cecelia Jaycox Whatever either, and she not only had the first business in Vankleek Hill, but it was a freaking Inn. Kind of weird for a town so hung up on its history to ignore its most basic history.

4 thoughts on “Vankleek Hill as Stonehenge

    • Totally, I am a freaking genius. Next time you’re on the 417 you should stop in for a tour. There’s (award winning) craft beer, and an incredible coconut cream pie.

      There are twelve major festivals between this weekend and September. Next time you’ve got time, this is where you can find out what’s going on:

      Thanks for the comment, and for introducing me to toenail blogging.


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