In Vankleek Hill we still call it grass

Vankleek Hill grass

Okay… here’s the new definition of disturbing: walking to the back of a large vacant lot in a remote part of Vankleek Hill and, under a low hanging tree, finding a dirty and torn top to a young girls bikini-style swimming suit. Then turning around and finding, just six feet away, an old, rusty, medieval-looking five-pronged hoe half buried in a sandy hill. Disturbing, a little chilling even.

…so, I guess if you’re missing a wickedly cool five-prong hoe, you should give me a call — if you’re missing a young girl, or their bathing suit, you should probably call as well.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

2 thoughts on “In Vankleek Hill we still call it grass

    • It left me a little queasy as well. I haven’t received any calls yet, so that has to be a good sign. I love how the wind is weaving the grass… I do tend to use the, mostly unhinged, stories to offset the artistic value of the images. I’ve never been really comfortable with having artistic tendencies, so I think I sabotage myself by leaving rude, angry and nihilistic comments about my work.

      / therapy session


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