If you’re into awesome this weekend is the 30th Annual Vankleek Hill May Show

Vankleek Hill May Show

Thirty years ago a tear in the space time continuum brought forth to Vankleek Hill a small but determined group of artists. There was a ceramicist, a few photographers, a weaver, a sculptor, a few painters and a woman who worked in stained glass. There was also this guy who owned a gallery space who took off to the Caribbean with his partners money in Year Five-ish.

At first the 10 or 11 or 13 artists put on seasonal shows, but then having a specific day seemed like a decent idea, so they created “The May Show”. And Dale Alpen-Whiteside made fantastic posters which, each year, featured a different flower. Some of the original artists still take part, but most have retired. Without their full participation The May Show sucked for about a decade, but things have been getting better over the past few years.

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