I am not an ichthyologist but I might be Vishnu

a bug you might find in Vankleek Hill

This bug looks like the cousin to the fist-sized, flying attack bug in one of my favourite movies, Bubba Ho-Tep — old Elvis versus a Mummy. So much awesome in that sentence. I found this guy waiting on a leaf on a flower at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre gardens, maybe he was looking for food, maybe just catching a few moments of contemplation, but he was probably waiting for his turn to mount the bug being serviced on the next leaf over. Interesting… I wonder if, by picking him up, I ruined his chances of passing along his DNA. It’s possible I just brought the end of his species a few days closer… and, maybe, that’ll be the tipping point that leads to the extinction of our species. Fuck yeah, I’m in the history books now baby.

2 thoughts on “I am not an ichthyologist but I might be Vishnu

    • Thanks Kitty, I was really happy with this one. I did crop away about 3/5 of the original image, but if it was any more in focus you’d be able to see my DNA.


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