Then mighty Andrew stepped to the plate

Vankleek Hill Andrew

Andrew is generally the best player on his T-Ball team. He can hit past the line every time, he knows where to stand so he can field the ball, he’s the fastest base runner, he has an arm strong enough to get the ball to first base without any hops.

The problem with T-Ball, unfortunately, is that none of those skills matter. The kid playing first base is literally 2.5-feet tall (so cute), and she’s always staring at the unicorn out in left field. So when Andrew throws the ball to first base, he also has to run to get the ball back into play.

To Andrew’s credit, he never complains. Everybody hits in T-Ball, so Andrew will field up to twelve balls per inning. He throws each one exactly where a first basemen should be, if it weren’t for the unicorn problem.

But, again, it doesn’t matter, because no one is ever “out” in T-Ball, every player ultimately crosses home base, and no one keeps score… basically it’s a tutorial in communism.

At least, after the game, the kids have heat stroke and are easier to deal with.

…I’m starting to think there are actually two people updating this blog, the guy with the camera and the really angry guy writing about the photos. It really feels like the two work against each other: nice photos vs. sardonic and cynical writer. I wonder who’ll win in the end. Probably the one who finds the gun I’ve hidden under my bed.

Vankleek Hill Photo copyright

2 thoughts on “Then mighty Andrew stepped to the plate

    • Thanks Emad, I love the level of concentration he’s putting into hitting the ball — kind of half disinterested, and part “this one’s going out of the park”. Framing him in the chain link was kind of on purpose, but only because the three other ways I tried to frame the shot didn’t work at all.


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